Ways Anyone Can Express Their Creativity

Coloring isn’t just for kids! It’s a great way to relieve stress, even for adults.

Through coloring, you’ll be able to make artistic choices about the color palettes you work with and focus on the details of intricate designs. Coloring can also be a way to explore different materials. You can use crayons, colored pencils, markers, paints, and more.

Doodling can take on many forms. You can choose to create simple versions of the things around you or create more abstract patterns and designs.

One of my favorite ways to doodle is zentangle. Zentangle involves using simpler patterns to create larger designs. These types of doodles are also fun to color in once you're finished.

Textile Art
Working with fabric and yarn can be a fun tactile way to express your creativity. There are simple online tutorials you can follow to learn the basics of knitting, sewing, and other art forms. Once you learn the basics, you'll be able to select colors and patterns to come up with unique creations.

Writing can be an amazing way to create something new and there are so many categories to explore.

Journaling can be used to get your daily thoughts down on paper. Perhaps there is a topic you are interested in writing an essay on or a story you want to tell. If you are looking for a more structured approach you can even write poetry, like haiku.

Lettering isn’t just about the words, it’s about the letterforms themselves. There is so much to explore when thinking about the shapes of letters and how they can be written.

Find a quote or phrase that inspires you and think about how each of the words make you feel. Use that feeling to determine how you will write. A calming quote might be written using flowing and swirly cursive while a fun, exciting quote can be written using bold bubble letters.

You likely are already cooking and with small changes you can use this time as a way to be creative. You don’t have to come up with a recipe from scratch. Instead, find a recipe that you can use as a base and put your own twist on it.

You could find a recipe for pizza dough then choose your own unique toppings. You can modify a cake recipe with different extracts, fruits, and frostings. Don't forget to document what you did so you can make it again!

Photography has become so accessible. If you have a cell phone you already have what you need to begin to explore the creativity of photography. When you are out and about start to take photos of things that interest you or stand out.

Instead of looking at photography as simply a way to document what you see, think about how you can take the photo in a way that expresses a unique viewpoint. You can use composition, lighting, focal point, and other elements to tell a story.