Idea to Drawing to Print: How My Stickers Get to You!

I love stickers, I have them on my laptop, my water bottle, my sketchbooks, and my car. As a graphic designer, if I can't find that perfect sticker, I can just create my own! This store brings my sticker dreams to you as well.

Here's the three-step process of how my stickers get to you!

1. I come up with my idea.
I'm always looking for inspiration in colors, my hobbies, items I see throughout my day, music, and other creators I look up to. Some of my magic idea times are during my runs or right before I fall asleep.

2. I draw out my ideas.
My creating process for these stickers can be kind of varied. Outside of Etsy, I study both graphic design and printmaking, so I tend to bounce my design through different methods and software. My current software favorites for my stickers are Procreate, Adobe Draw, and Adobe Photoshop. Chances are I've used all three during my process of creating that sticker you adore!

3. My stickers are printed.
I don't have fancy machines or vinyl cutters, so I'm happy to partner with Printful to get my unique designs printed and mailed to you! While this means my stickers aren't coming straight from my studio, I'm still here to answer your questions and help make sure your order is fulfilled.

As always, thanks for supporting my store!